Liadain de Buitlear
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Knitted Wraps and Waistcoats

Supersoft knitted wraps and capes are knitted using luxurious yarns of mohair, alpaca or merino lambswool.All the pieces are unique, irish made in our Rathcoole studio and handfinished to the higest standard.The wraps are knitted using ladder drop stitches or feature open lace work to make the pieces superlight,cosy and comfortable to wear.The versatile wraps can be worn over a jumper,a simple top or over a coat to add a touch of elegance to your everyday outfit. Wearing a contrasting colour underneath adds a layer of texture and colour to your look.

Lambswool knitted wraps are available in supersoft lace stitch detail merino wool and hot pink is the current favourite.

The Red alpaca wraps are knit using 100% alpaca wool and then washed to give it a textured finish.They look amazing over a dark contrasting colour.

Wraps are perfect to be worn any time of year,in the summer on chilly evenings to add a touch of glamour to any outfit or winter over a jumper or coat adding a fashionable layer of warmth. Gold lurex is added to some of the mohair pieces to add a touch of sparkle to the design and the wraps are such that they can be worn open over one arm to the side or with the seam to the back like a cape.

Please contact us to enquire about any of the irish knitwear pieces, postage can be organised worldwide and payments can be made either by cheque or through paypal.

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